LLC Business

LLC Business

To address its clients' needs, LLC offers the following supplementary services through its sister firm, LLC Business:

- Immigration services and Relocation
- Intellectual property
- Environmental advisory
- Corporate and commercial law

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Sistema de gestión para clientes

Management System for clients

With this online system, our clients have instant access to legal opinions and all the information they need on the status of their legal proceedings for thorough, up-to-date control.

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Capacitación a Empresas

Business Training

We have an extensive portfolio of business training seminars, talks and courses on labor law and related matters. Through our strategic partnerships we also provide training on service marketing, human resources and occupational health, either through open courses or in-house.

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Servicios que nos diferencian

Services that set us apart

Some of our hallmark services include:

- Labor litigation
- Labor policy review and elaboration
- Labor law compliance auditing
- Alternative dispute resolution
- In-house labor relations

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